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MATRIX Medi-Spa Services

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We Currently Offer Detox & Slimming Body Wraps along with Jade & Ginseng Face Massages.

Lasting beauty, longevity, and ultimate health are achieved when each part of your being functions at an optimal level. It is of utmost importance to detoxify your mind and body and purify your spirit. 

Massage Services

There are a variety of massages to choose from which will all help aid in relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery.






Cold Laser Therapy

Do You Suffer From:
Back Pain?
Joint Pain?
Sport Injuries?
Acute & Chronic Pain?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above you will benefit from Cold Laser Therapy.  Research shows that Cold Laser Therapy can reduce healing times, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, swelling and internal and external scar tissue.

Detox Solutions

Detox treatments are becoming more necessary each day as our culture looks to rid the body of heavy metals and pollutants built up by smoke, food, alcohol, industrial chemicals and just plain junk in the air we breathe.

Lymphatic Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized technique designed to activate and cleanse the water systems of our body. Because the lymphatic system itself is responsible for optimum functioning of the water circulation and immune system, Lymphatic  Drainage is a key to maximizing our ability to rejuvenate and re-establish resistance to stressors and disease.

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