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MATRIX Medi-Spa Massage Services

Massage Treatments

Signature Massage

Combination massage of relaxing Swedish circulatory, aromatherapy of your choice, and one area of hot stones for deeper work to help melt away chronic tension.  The perfect way to end or start your day!

70 minutes


Signature Plus Massage

All the favorites of our Signature massage treatment with the luxury of 20 additional minutes. 

90 minutes


Relaxing Swedish
Circulatory Massage

A relaxing, gentile massage to de-stress the
nervous system and calm the mind.

60 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for those who want slow, focused, very deep tissue work and is usually focused on two or three areas of chronic pain and muscle spasms.  Not for the faint of heart!  For this massage we roll up the sleeves and put the elbows to work!!! Choice of muscle relief liniments.

60 minutes


Hot Stone Muscle Meltdown

This unbelievable full body hot stone massage will melt away the years of tension that we build up in our muscles and leave you feeling like a puddle of bliss!

90 minutes


Pregnancy Soother

A gentle and relieving massage focused on mommies to be with the considerations of fatigued and sore muscles that are taking new and exciting Baby Shapes!!!

65 minutes


Warrior Reviver

This massage is tailored to your specific sport and the muscle groups that are primarily used. A slower and deeper massage that moves out lactic acid from sore  muscles, which relieves pain, finishing with a firm circulatory massage on the rest of the body to aid in overall recovery and healing.

70 minutes


Focused Treatments

Scalp Massage

There are very many acupuncture points on the scalp which tells us this is an active acupressure area of the body.  This massage uses many of theses healing, and relaxing points to help melt away head tension, headaches, TMJ, and Chronic eye strain.

20 minutes


Neck & Back
Tension Meltdown

This massage first utilizes two hot stones to relax those stubborn knots, followed by a deeper pressure in the neck and back area to melt away chronic pain and stress.

45 minutes


Quick Fix Neck & Back
Tension Tamer

This massage is tailored to the tensions built up in the neck and back area.  This firm massage is targeted at the chronically over-used areas when you don't have the time for a full body massage, but are in dire need of some neck and back pain relief.  Choice of muscle relief liniments.

35 minutes


Add-On Treatments

Essential Oils

Deepen the relaxation with your choice of essential oils mixed specifically for you in the massage lotion, and diffused in the room as you enjoy your massage!

Choose from Eucalyptus, Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Spearmint, or "Relax Blend. $2.00 each

PNF 22 Resistance

This is the perfect complement to the end of a massage, the beginning of a round of golf. An efficient way to release chronically tight muscles, or to fit stretching into your schedule. These stretches work with your nervous system to allow a more time efficient stretch with no pain and immediate results in increased range of motion, decreased tension, and greater flexibility.  These 22 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretches go from your neck (8), back (2), hips (4), to your legs (8).  Oh, so great!

20 minutes         $25.00

Laser Photon Therapy
Stress Reduction Treatment

This is a great pre-treatment to any massage.  It takes relaxation and healing to a whole new level.  The super-pulsed photon cool laser emits light waves in physiologically healing wavelengths and calms the nervous system, re balances the endocrine system, boosts the immune system, increases blood flow, lymph drainage, and increase the cells ability to produce more ATP (the energy of the cell), reduces swelling, relieves pain and speeds healing.  A great way to give your system a boost and decrease the stressors that drain the body, which left ignored, cause dis-ease or dis-function.  

15 minutes          $25.00

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