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MATRIX Medi-Spa Lymphatic Treatments

The lymphatic system plays an underestimated role in the health of our bodies. Functions of this system include the movement of excess fluid anywhere in the body and its return to the blood stream, the absorption of trapped toxins in the fat cells (cellulite), and critical support for the body’s immune system.

Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is an efficient, effective, and non-invasive method to reduce swelling by moving and balancing the lymphatic fluid through your body—whether you have lymphedema from pathological diseases, common edema, or a general sluggishness from inactivity or poor diet. Moving the lymph through your body is essential to good health. 


Lymphatic Treatments

Initial Lymphatic Treatment
Initial consultation, history and physical with lymphatic drainage
120 minutes $135.00
Established Client Lymphatic Treatment
Single follow-up lymphatic drainage treatment
90 minutes $90.00


Established Client
3 Pack Lymphatic Treatment
Follow-up lymphatic drainage treatment packages.  Total Savings: $15  
90 minutes each $255.00
Established Client
12 Pack Lymphatic Treatment

Follow-up lymphatic drainage treatment package.    Total Savings: $120
90 minutes each $960.00

Although there is 50% more lymphatic fluid in your body than
blood, lymph is ignored or misunderstood by most people until they get sick. Lymphatic fluid is the interstitial fluid in the body and the lymph system filters it by moving it through lymph glands, or lymph nodes.  The lymph system is one of the primary mechanisms which enable your body to defend itself against harmful bacteria, fungus, viruses, and toxins of all kinds.

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