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Acu-Orthopedics Services

Acupuncture Services
Office Visit

Consultation tailored to individual need.
15 - 30 minutes $45.00 -$90.00
History & Physical

Medical history consult, physical and patient education.
60 minutes $150.00
Personalized Lab Result Consultation

Includes relevant lab & medical research, consultation of your lab results, full personalized consultation of conditions, nutrition & relevant health information.
60 - 120 minutes $180.00-$360.00
Acupuncture Treatments
Initial Acupuncture Treatment, Medical History, Physical and Patient Education

Initial Consultation, history, exam, acupuncture treatment, TDP Lamp therapy, herbal liniments/sports herbal spray, home ear pellets/pain patch, myo-facial release, and PNF of treatment area.
150 minutes $250.00
Established Patient Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment, myo-facial release, and PNF of treatment area. 
90 minutes $100.00
Combination Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment & full body massage.

120 minutes $180.00
Acupuncture Treatment Additions
(1 area up to 4 leads)
Cold Laser Photon Therapy
(up to 15 minutes)
Sliding Cupping
(1 area)
Gua Sha
(1 area)
PNF Stretching Upper Body
(10 Stretches)
PNF Stretching Lower Body
(10 Stretches)
Myo-Facial Release
Deep, Therapeutic, Injury Specific Massage (15 minutes)

Each Addition $25
Deluxe Treatments

Sliding Cupping

Similar to reverse massage, the cups are held to the skin by a heat induced suction and slid along sore muscles to relieve pain, help remove lactic acid and toxins from the tissues, and is a very effective technique for achy upper back muscles associated with a cold or flu.

First area            $50.00

Each additional area                    $20.00

Cold Laser Photon Therapy

Takes relaxation and healing to a whole new level.  The super-pulsed photon laser emits light waves in physiologically healing wavelengths and calms the nervous system, re balances the endocrine system, increases blood flow, lymph drainage, and increases the cells ability to produce more ATP (the energy of the cell), reduces swelling, relieves pain and speeds healing.  A great way to give your system a boost and decrease the stressors that drain the body, which left ignored, cause dis-ease or dis-function.

Each treatment $55.00

PNF Stretching

This is the perfect complement to the end of an acupuncture treatment, or the beginning of a round of golf. An efficient way to release chronically tight muscles, or to fit stretching into your schedule.  These stretches work with your nervous system to allow a more time efficient stretch with no pain and immediate results in increased range of motion, decreased tension, and greater flexibility.  These 22 Proprioceptive Neuro-muscular Facilitation Stretches go from your neck (8), back (2), hips (4), to your legs (10). Oh, so great!

Each treatment $50.00

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